What is cosmetic dentistry and how can you improve the condition of your teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn New York. Dr. Irina Feldbein.

What is cosmetic dentistry and how can you improve the condition of your teeth? 

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most talked about subjects. And although it is a field in dentistry with long history and many breakthroughs and achievements, not everybody knows what cosmetic dentistry really is. The term is used to describe the branch of dentistry. It deals with the appearance of patient’s teeth, gums and bite and aims to improve their look and functionality. Modern cosmetic dentistry includes treatments such as adding porcelain veneers, enemaloplasty, teeth straightening and others.  It is estimated that currently there are a few hundred cosmetic dentists offering all sorts of treatments to improve the look of patient’s teeth and smile.

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Cosmetic dentists perform various treatments and procedures, which result in better looking teeth. The most popular and simplest among them are teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. During these procedures dentists usually apply special gels, which when exposed to LED blue light brighten the discolored teeth. This kind of treatment is quick and effective, even for severely discolored teeth. If the discoloration has its source in the inner structure of the tooth then additional methods can be used to improve the condition of your teeth. If necessary, cosmetic dentists can also perform gum depigmentation to restore the natural healthy look of your gums, which can become discolored in result of smoking or taking medications.

If the teeth are severely discolored, dull and have irregular shape or there is not enough space between them, such teeth require more complex approach. In this case, cosmetic dentists can add dental material to improve the look of the teeth and gums. One of the most popular practices of cosmetic dentistry is the application of dental implants, such as crowns. The implants allow dentists to correct the shape of a tooth, fill in cavities etc. Very popular among clients are porcelain veneers. Very thin shells of porcelain are applied on the teeth. They cover deep discoloration, improve the look of cracked and chipped teeth etc. Porcelain veneers allow you to have regular teeth and snow white smile everyone will be jealous of. Another possible treatment – gum grafts can be applied to cover exposed tooth structure, such as tooth root.

Sometimes patients have “too many” teeth. When teeth are growing one next to the other they tend to push one on another and in result produce unhealthy looking, lopsided structures. Cosmetic dentists can straighten teeth and tighten the spaces between them to restore natural look of your upper or lower teeth.

That brings us to one of the most important branches of cosmetic dentistry, which is orthodontics. If you suffer from improper bites cosmetic dentists can help you to deal with the problem permanently and enjoy normal bite. These problems are results of either irregularity in the tooth structure, improper relationships between jaws or both. Sometimes the problems are only of aesthetic nature – we all want to have regular smile and nice teeth. However, sometimes the problems with improper bites can be so severe that they start to affect your health and everyday life. In such cases the help of professional cosmetic dentist is absolutely necessary. Cosmetic dentist will help you choose braces. Braces will correct the problem quicker than you think. Although braces have to be worn for a minimum of few months to even a few years, you will see the improvement in the structure of your jaws and teeth much sooner. Braces are worn to correct the improper position of your teeth and jaws and to preserve the results. It allows the face muscles to adjust to the new position of your jaw and teeth. In result patients often observe significant changes in the shape of their faces, which become more regular. Also, the braces have changed a lot since the old, ugly looking models. Today you can choose even completely transparent braces. They are almost unnoticeable and enjoy beautiful look of your teeth also during the treatment.

To sum it up, the variety of techniques used by Dr. Feldbein is almost overwhelming. Today, cosmetic dentists are capable of dealing with almost every irregularity in your teeth structure. Cosmetic dentistry will improve the appearance of your teeth, jaws and face, making you look a lot better and a lot more attractive. It all depends on your needs and specific requirements. You no longer need to hide your irregular, chipped and darkened teeth. The dental procedures and treatments are simpler and often completely free from pain, so you do not have to worry about that. Unfortunately, these techniques are not cheap, the more complex the problem, the more advanced and complex methods will be used to provide suitable solutions. If you look for competitive prices and outstanding quality check Revitta Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. This cosmetic dentistry office located in Manhattan and Brooklyn provides all sorts of treatments. From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers. Dr. irina Feldbein will improve the appearance of your teeth and work on restoring your natural, beautiful smile.  Her excellent experience and knowledge of the nuances of cosmetic dentistry allow her to become one of the best cosmetic dentists in New York. During several years spent on working as a cosmetic dentist Dr. Feldbein was able to gather the best professionals and create a team of devoted experts, who all provide their services for the best competitive prices in New York City. With Dr Irina Feldbein you will be able to save on popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and achieve the best results, applying the latest methods and equipment.

Do you want to find out more about Dr. Irina Feldbein? It is now simpler than ever. Our new website provides plenty of information on the most popular treatments and techniques, allowing even complete novices to take a peek into the world of professional dentistry and make well informed choices of the most effective techniques. Although we have taken all necessary efforts to provide our clients with complex info on our practices there are always questions, which cannot be answered this way, personal requirements and needs. In order to address these questions and needs we are providing free of charge consultations via phone and in our offices. The assistance of a professional expert will help you decide on particular method and a type of treatment, you will be able to choose the safest techniques and avoid teeth or gums oversensitivity. Call us today or stop by European Style Aesthetics office and let’s discuss the details of your treatment!

If you’re considering a treatment and are interested in learning how Dr. Irina Feldbein can help you to look better, please schedule a free consultation by calling us at  212-535-1202 / 718-743-2222 or click here to contact us.

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