5 Things Your Teen’s Teeth Need Before Adulthood. Healthy Teeth Tips.

5 Things Your Teen’s Teeth Need Before Adulthood. Healthy Teeth Tips.

The teenage years are a time of intense growth and development for your child. Their teeth are no exception. Just as growing bones and muscles need certain things to remain healthy, your teen’s teeth also must have adequate care in order to develop properly into a healthy set of adult teeth.

These five things will help to ensure that your teenager’s mouth gets what it needs during this important developmental stage.

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Proper nutrition is vital for overall health, and there are certain nutrients that are particularly important for the healthy growth of teeth.

Vitamin A has beta-carotene, which contains antioxidant properties that help destroy free radicals, chemicals that speed decay in the body. Good sources of Vitamin A are dark green or yellow fruits and vegetables, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

Vitamin C promotes strong teeth and gum tissues. Citrus fruits, melons, berries and tomatoes have lots of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D encourages calcium absorption, which is vital for healthy teeth and gums. Egg yolks, fatty fish and fortified dairy products are good ways to get Vitamin D.

Calcium is also crucial in the development of teeth and bones. Your child can get calcium through broccoli, peas, yogurt and cheese.


One very effective way to protect your teen’s teeth is to ask your dentist to apply sealants to permanent teeth. A sealant is a clear liquid applied to the top of your child’s molars that hardens and prevents tooth decay.

Sealants can save you significant time and money by reducing the number of cavities that can develop at a time when your child’s eating habits are often beyond your control.

Mouth Guards

Many teenagers are heavily invested in sports and participate on one or more sports teams. If this describes your teen, make sure you invest in a good quality mouth guard.

Even in low contact sports, there is always a risk of teeth being chipped or broken. A mouth guard will protect your child’s teeth from damage as well as prevent unnecessary pain and suffering.


Straight teeth do more than make your teen’s smile look great. They also correct bite so that it’s easier to chew and speak throughout life. A great looking smile increases confidence in a time when teens need it most.

Clear braces can align teeth in a short time and without the embarrassing and noticeable metal brackets and wires.

Proper Oral Care

Your teen should be brushing his or her teeth at least twice a day, three if possible, for two minutes. Flossing should also be a daily habit. Encourage your child to drink water after meals and snacks. This will rinse out some of the sugars and acids that can sit on the teeth and cause cavities.

In addition to the five suggestions listed above, don’t forget to take your child to the dentist for professional cleanings and checkups every six months. Your dentist can spot potential areas of concern that will help you prevent problems in the future. He or she can also appraise your child’s dental hygiene and suggest ways to improve so that your child’s teeth will have a healthy, happy future.

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