Dental Bonding

Do you have a chip in your tooth? Or maybe a tooth is fractured or discolored? Dental bonding could be the answer! By using dental bonding your tooth could be fully restored to its original appearance, chip free and white!

Dental bonding brooklyn new york.  How to repair chipped tooth? Teeth bonding is affordable and fast procedure to restore chipped teeth ot discolored teeth.Many of us are self-conscious about chips and fractures as well as discoloration. The truth is mostly these are not problems we have had since childhood and is something that has happened in adulthood that we are not used to. For many of us it is difficult to get used to this change which for most is a negative one. We often wish our teeth could look just like they did five or so years ago.

With dental bonding it is possible to restore teeth to their original appearance, leaving them smooth and white just as they should be.

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Dental bonding works by using a tooth-colored resin which is a strong type of plastic. This resin is applied to restore or improve the appearance of your smile. It is used to fix chipped or fractured teeth and even discolored teeth. The material is bonded to the tooth using exposure to concentrated halogen light. This creates a healthy and natural looking smile.

At Revitta Smile we offer dental bonding to many patients to help improve the look of their teeth.

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