Revitta Smile is pleased to offer her patients CEREC dental crowns in one day one visit. If you have ever had a traditional tooth crown, you do not have to be told about ill-fitting temporary crowns coming loose, having to wait two weeks for a permanent crown, or teeth shifting between appointments. What you may not know is that there is an alternative to the old-fashioned way of having crowns made. Revitta Smile is proud to offer CEREC one day crowns, so you can have your high-quality dental restorations completed in a single visit.

How CEREC Works

Sometimes called One Hour Crowns, Same Day Crowns, Instant Crowns, and the One Visit Smile – the CEREC system’s advantages are in its time-saving, convenience to the patient, speed and precision. CEREC is a newest dental technology which enables our doctors to design and sculpt the highest quality porcelain crowns. Unlike the old-fashioned method of creating dental crowns, CEREC uses 3D digital images of your tooth instead of wax impressions to make a tooth crown. The images capture more detail than a wax mold can transfer, helping a CEREC-created crown fit even better than one created at a dental lab. cerec crown new york.

Because CEREC can sculpt a new tooth crown from a block of porcelain in just a few minutes, your tooth can be prepared and photographed and your restoration can be placed in a single office visit, saving you time and inconvenience. Although your tooth crown is sculpted by a computer, Revitta doctors have complete control over every aspect of the design of your dental restoration.

Benefits of CEREC

Ready in a single visit Revitta Smile in-office CEREC process means

  • All-porcelain
  • Better fit than any lab-created crowns
  • Aesthetically superior to metal and composite crowns
  • No dripping messy impressions
  • No temporary crown
  • Beautiful enamel-like material that looks and feels natural
  • Metal-free solution
  • Conservative restoration retaining more healthy tooth structure
  • No second visit.

In addition to being ready in a single visit, CEREC crowns are metal-free, helping keep your teeth and mouth healthier longer. Because they are porcelain, they look like your natural tooth enamel, and share a similar hardness with your natural teeth, making them look and feel like healthy teeth, not false ones.

CEREC crowns are ideal for replacing your old metal crowns, or for repairing a newly damaged tooth. Because CEREC crowns are made from porcelain, they are more durable than old-fashioned dental crowns and do not cause damage to your teeth, the way metal-based crowns can do. Revitta doctors have extensive experience working with CEREC, making her some of the foremost dentists for creating CEREC one day crowns in New York.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” designed to fit over a weakened tooth or to top a dental implant – to restore tooth shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. The crowns, when cemented into place, fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. Once in place, the dental crowns will look just like natural teeth. Any discomfort and pain is reduced and a patient’s bite strength is restored. Using computer-aided drafting and manufacturing technology, Revitta doctors can provide custom porcelain crowns for patients in a single visit.

Who Is A Good Candidate For One Day Dental Crowns?

The best candidates for dental crowns are people who have teeth that have been severely damaged by injury or decay. These patients should be in otherwise good dental health and have realistic expectations about what the treatment can achieve. During your consultation, doctor will assess your situation and determine if CEREC dental crowns are right for you.

How Do I Take Care Of My Dental Crown?

Once your dental crown has been placed, Revitta doctors will provide you with instructions on how to care for it. He won’t just stress basic dental hygiene; he will provide you with the information you need to ensure total wellness and lasting health. This will help ensure that your crowns last a lifetime.

What Are The Risks And Benefits Of Dental Crowns?

There are many benefits and relatively few risks. The greatest benefits are restored appearance and increased bite strength. You will be able to smile without feeling self-conscious and eat your favorite foods again without pain, sensitivity, or discomfort. Revitta doctors will help reduce potential complications after treatment.

Are Dental Crowns Right For All Situations?

While Revitta believes that dental crowns are quite helpful, we actually have a conservative approach to dentistry. If you can use another treatment besides dental crowns, we will. This is part of our commitment not just to dental aesthetics but total patient wellness.

Why A Conservative Approach To Dentistry?

A natural tooth is always better than a restored tooth or any foreign object in the mouth. When prepping a tooth for a dental crown, a fair amount of tooth structure will need to be removed. If we can use another treatment option that involves less tooth structure removal, that is always preferable and helps ensure lasting dental health for a patient.

What Are The Alternative Treatments To Dental Crowns?

The two most common alternatives to dental crowns that we use are inlays and onlays. These are both similar to dental fillings, but they are designed to restore a more substantial amount of tooth structure, such as the cusps (biting surfaces) of the teeth.

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