Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Introducing OrthoSnap! The subtle yet effective way to straighten your teeth!

Have you always wished your teeth were straighter but maybe you’ve been put off by the idea of noticeable braces? With OrthoSnap it’s possible to achieve the beautiful smile you want without fixed and obvious braces.

What is OrthoSnap?

OrthoSnap uses transparent materials making it virtually invisible. Your smile will be dramatically transformed while giving you the freedom to smile confidently at all times. The aligner is custom made to perfectly fit your teeth and achieve the result you want. OrthoSnap is discreet and comfortable and well as being removable so you can eat and brush in comfort.

How does OrthoSnap Work?

Equally as effective as traditional braces, OrthoSnap uses a set of removable aligners to move your teeth into place. Each set of aligners are made to create the perfect smile for you. They are worn for a period of two weeks as they slowly move your teeth into the correct position.

After this two week period you will receive your next set of aligners to wear to continue the treatment. Each aligner being carefully designed to bring your teeth ever closer to the final, correct and aligned position. The end result is beautifully straightened teeth that you can be proud of!

The OrthoSnap aligners are designed for ultimate comfort, you can speak, eat and drink normally whilst wearing them. Soon enough you’ll forget you’re wearing them yourself!

Is OrthoSnap Right for you?

orthosnap teeth straightening without braces

Do you have crooked teeth, or maybe you have gaps in between the teeth that you’re not keen on, or over lapping teeth? If so OrthoSnap could be the answer! Used to align your teeth to achieve the result you’re after discreetly and effectively.

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OrthoSnap at Revitta Smile

Before a doctor starts treatment she will of course determine whether OrthoSnap can achieve the results you are looking for and if it is the perfect treatment for you.

Once both you and a doctor are happy that OrthoSnap is the right treatment for you impressions of your teeth will then be taken, then sent off to the OrthoSnap lab. Here your aligners will be created to achieve the results you have already agreed on with your dentist.

During your treatment doctor will check up on your progress to ensure the aligners are doing exactly what they should be and that you are on target to a straighter smile.

With 20+ years experience in the industry we believe OrthoSnap is the best discreet method to straighten the teeth. Through using OrthoSnap she delivers great results for her patients.

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