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We don’t just stop at helping to improve and enhance your smile. At Revitta we believe facial rejuvenation is a natural extension of cosmetic dentistry, offering a complete package to achieve the results you dream of.facial aesthetics Brooklyn | facial aesthetics  | face wrinkles correction | revitta new york  | facial aesthetics new york | dermal fillers new york | juvederm new york | botox new york |

Dental health is important, but equally it’s important to feel great about yourself and confident about your look. If you can improve your oral health and your appearance at the same time why not!

Revitta is proud to be one of the pioneering clinics of the best facial rejuvenation procedures available, using methods such as ‘liquid lift’ to improve your overall appearance and take years off your face, as well as enhancing your smile.

Here’s what we offer:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane and Radiesse, are commonly used to add volume to the face and correct lines around the mouth and chin as well as the lips.

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As we age, collagen is lost in these facial areas and these lines start to deepen. These dermal fillers are injected right under the skin to plump up these areas so that these lines are much less noticeable. The face looks more youthful and is the perfect complement to any aesthetic dentistry procedure that you undergo.


Botox is commonly used for smoothing of facial wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyes (glabellar region), and around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet) as well as around the lips.botox new york | facial aesthetics |revitta | wrinkle treatment new york Botox has important clinical uses for patients with chronic TMJ and facial pain. Botox is also used to complement aesthetic dentistry. It is minimally invasive and a great alternative to surgical treatments. It also has uses in treating orthodontic cases where retraining of the facial muscles is necessary.

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