Straighten your Teeth without Braces?! It’s possible with OrthoSnap!

Gone are the days when the only options were train track braces or to live with crooked teeth! Today invisible brace options such as OrthoSnap deliver the same fantastic results, without the use of fixed and often unsightly braces.

How does OrthoSnap Work?

You can now straighten your teeth without braces using OrthoSnap aligners. Transparent and removable, OrthoSnap aligners are made from plastic that is clear and almost undetectable. Believe it or not nobody will notice you are undergoing corrective treatment. You will be left with straighter teeth that you can smile about!

OrthoSnap aligners are removable, comfortable and deliver great results! Using an innovative and unique system, OrthoSnap makes it easy to design a treatment plan that will let you achieve great results.

What about Other Options?

Of course there are other alternatives to OrthoSnap on the market, one of which is well known brand Invisalign. One of the major factors why many people choose OrthoSnap over Invisalign is the difference in price. OrthoSnap delivers equally high quality results but at a more affordable rate than Invisalign.

Unlike Invisallign, OrthoSnap is designed for ultimate treatment flexibility, while maintaining ultimate comfort and easy lifestyle. It’s now possible to straighten the teeth with minimal effect on your day to day life style

Ortho Snap utilizes new, clear, transparent FDA approved materials in the manufacture of its aligners. Your smile will be dramatically transformed while giving you the freedom to lead a normal life. The aligner will perfectly fit your teeth. Alongside this, OrthoSnap aligners can be taken off without an effort. You can eat and brush your teeth in comfort. Show off your new smile while you are wearing OrthoSnap transparent aligners! Your friends and co-workers will have a very hard time seeing that you are wearing one.

Said to be more efficient, more cost effective and to have great results, it’s clear why so many people choose OrthoSnap.

What to Expect from OrthoSnap?

Before going ahead with OrthoSnap treatment a consultation is always necessary to determine if OrthoSnap can work for you. OrthoSnap can help with crooked teeth, overlapping and gaps. Although until you speak to a professional, you won’t be able to determine if it can deliver the results you’re looking for.

As soon as you are happy that OrthoSnap is right for you the process can start! Impressions will be taken and sent to the OrthoSnap processing facility where your set of aligners will be designed specifically for you.

From here you will wear your aligners for around two weeks before moving on to your next set, each aligner is designed to slowly move your teeth into the perfect position leaving you with a straight and bright smile.

Ortho Snap aligners are designed to be worn at all times, except when eating and brushing your teeth. The more you wear the aligner the faster your will get to your perfect smile. OrthoSnap aligners are made of thin clear material and are hardly noticeable. This makes the aligners comfortable to wear throughout the day, straightening teeth without traditional train track braces

Throughout your treatment Revitta Smile will support you, monitoring your progress and making sure you are completely happy with your final result.

So are you ready to have beautifully straight teeth without the inconvenience of traditional braces? Start the process of your OrthoSnap treatment today and get the ball rolling towards straighter teeth you can feel confident about. Get in touch to book a consultation, we’d love to hear from you!

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