Restorative Dentistry

Our teeth are designed to last our lifetime. Of course over the years they suffer from general wear and tear and in some cases accidents can cause chips, broken teeth and the loss of teeth.

If you’ve suffered damage to your teeth you don’t have to live with discomfort and feeling self-conscious. Through restorative dentistry Revitta doctors can repair and improve your teeth, making them comfortable again and you able to smile brightly just like you did before!

Revitta Smile offers:

Full Mouth Restoration

Sometimes more than one treatment will be needed to get the teeth back into a comfortable order. This is where full mouth restoration comes in. Through full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation Revitta doctors can restore all of the teeth and flawlessly re-build a natural looking smile that you can be proud of.

If your teeth are severely worn down, injured or fractured and you have lost some of your teeth, full mouth reconstruction could be exactly what you need.

Dental Crowns

Used to restore, strengthen and improve the appearance of the tooth, if you have suffered deterioration to any of your teeth a crown could be the perfect solution. Crowns are used to ‘cap’ the tooth, encasing the entire visible part of the current tooth to make it more comfortable, get it serving its purpose again and over all looking more attractive.

Revitta provides custom porcelain crowns that can be fitted in a single visit.

Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth? If so dental bridges could be the answer. Used to close the current gap to restore balance to your bite, creating a natural and healthy appearance to your smile, dental bridges can get your smile back to exactly how it should be!

Dental bridges are made up of tooth-shaped prosthetics which Revitta doctors custom-craft to blend seamlessly into your smile, making it complete.

If you’d like to discuss restorative dentistry further, please call 212-535-1202 to begin your journey to a healthier and brighter smile.