CEREC one visit dental crowns and restorations

Always on top of the latest innovations and technologies in dentistry, Revitta is proud of provide Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, better known as CEREC.

What is CEREC?

Short of time? Need a crown fitted quickly? With CEREC we are able to provide and fit crowns in just one appointment! Here’s how-

CEREC is a multi-instrument system that allows us to create custom-fit ceramic restorations (or crowns) in a single appointment. The CEREC system consists of an infrared digital camera, a computer with 3-D imaging software, and a milling unit with diamond blades for quick, precise, and highly detailed construction of restorations.

CEREC can sculpt a new tooth crown or missing part of your tooth (inlay or onlay) from a block of porcelain in just a few minutes. Your tooth can be prepared and photographed and your restoration can be placed in a single office visit, making for maximum convenience for the patient.

A brand new dental technology, CEREC enables doctors to design and sculpt the highest quality porcelain dental restorations for you for the best results. Unlike the old-fashioned method of creating dental crowns, CEREC uses 3D digital images of your tooth instead of wax impressions to make a crown. The images capture more detail than a wax mold can transfer, helping a CEREC-created crown fit even better than one created at a dental lab.

How Does CEREC Work?

Revitta doctors will prepare your tooth just like normal before fitting a crown or a veneer. At this point, instead of using dental putty to take an impression of your tooth, a digital picture will be taken using the CEREC camera.

Next using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, the CEREC software converts this picture to a 3-D virtual model of your prepared tooth. This image is used as a guide to design your new restoration.

Once both you and the doctor are happy with the virtual tooth, the data is sent to an on-site CEREC milling unit, which fabricates your new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block. These blocks come in a wide variety of shades and colors and are selected to match your surrounding teeth. The process usually takes less than 20 minutes meaning less waiting time for you!

After the milling is finished, Revitta doctors will polish the filling or crown and bond it into place in your mouth.

What are the Benefits of CEREC?

We love CEREC and we think you will too! Here’s why-

  • Treatment using CEREC can be carried out in one appointment, meaning you have to take less time out of your busy life.
  • Since the restoration is designed and fabricated from start to finish, doctor has complete control over how it will look and fit. By contrast, a crown made in a laboratory is under the control of a technician who has never seen the patient.
  • No Temporary Restorations. Conventional restoration procedures require you to wear temporary restorations while the laboratory makes your new restoration. Temporary restorations can fall off or cause other problems. CEREC eliminates this inconvenience.
  • CEREC uses strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. Not only do they look like the rest of your teeth, these materials closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure, allowing you to eat hot and cold foods without worrying about your tooth cracking from the extreme temperatures.

CEREC allows us to have the dental treatment we need without having to take too much time out. Think you might benefit from CEREC? Get in touch today: 212-535-1202 or click here to contact us